The Circus

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  • Strawberry, Mango & Carolina Reaper (the one and only)
  • 150ml
  • Powerful and super fruity – 4/5 Heat rating
  • Ingredients: Strawberries (25%), Mango Juice, White Wine Vinegar, Mango (13%), Carolina Reaper Chilli Pepper (9%), Red Pepper, Onion, Carrot, Lemon, Lime, Garlic, Salt, Black Pepper
  • Vegan, No Allergens & Gluten Free
  • [May contain trace allergens due to the nature of being made in a home kitchen]
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  • Carolina Reaper  (the Famous one) – Grown in Somerset, Roasted, spicy, this chilli has not been around for long, but has taken the chilli world by storm. They look and taste insane!
  • Strawberry – Fresh, bought in Somerset, chopped, diced and blended
  • Mango – Fresh, bought in Somerset, peeled, stone removed and blended

    The Circus has been named after the famous ring of Georgian townhouses in Bath, as well as the insane journey that this sauce takes you on!

    What The Circus goes best with:

  • Brings alive any pizza
  • On top of steak as a new twist
  • As a chutney on crackers with any cheese
  • Instead of Tabasco
  • Anything Italian or tomato based
  • Bring the heat to beef burgers
  • Also works well with chips

1 review for The Circus

  1. HabaneroMike

    The mixed aroma of strawberries onion and mango with a faint finish of lemon and white wine vinegar all greet you when you unscrew the cap of Circus.
    It’s not got the usual angry red colour of a hot sauce, so don’t be fooled by the deceptive orange colour or the lack of any aroma from the fearsome Reaper peppers either.
    It’s got a medium thick consistency with fine shreds which give you a pleasant grainy mouthfeel.
    Circus gives you a brief hit of strawberry and mango on the tastebuds with a fleeting lemon hint and then the legend heat of the Carolina Reaper kicks in giving an almost instant and immediate 8.75/10 full mouth burn lasting for nearly 10 minutes and a good case of the chilli sniffles too. Yet another well balanced sauce, that is more than worthy of the 4x🔥 warning ⚠️ on the bottle. Go hot or go home!

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