Our Story

Find us at: Bath Farmer’s Market! (Saturday’s 9am-1pm)

JJ Grace, Founder:
Exotic sauce crusader

We are here to change the way you eat your food! We showcase a range of seven exotic hot sauces gradually increasing from zero heat to a heat level most would avoid – there’s something to suit everyone!

All the chillies used in our range of sauces are grown in Somerset, and the exotic fruit used in our sauces is collected direct from Bristol Docks at 5am in the morning, before making the sauces that day.

The hot sauce selection in your local pub or restaurant is usually constricted to Tabasco. The selection in your local supermarket expands the choice by adding Franks and Encona – don’t forget Heinz Spicy Ketchup! Why has the mark been drawn there? We have no idea, as we all know they can do better.

JJ Grace, our founder, has lived and worked all around the world including America, Canary Islands, The Philippines, and Amsterdam. Upon his return home to Bath, he was frustrated with a severe lack of choice of hot sauces, let alone local hot sauces! After first embarking on a business degree at Bath Spa University and graduating in 2020, he decided to start The Somerset Chilli Co.

You can find us at our permanent spot at The Bath Farmer’s Market in Green Park Station every Saturday between 9am-1pm. As well as, numerous food festivals this summer including Bradford-on-Avon Food & Drink Festival, Andover Chilli Fiesta, Hot Sauce Society in London, and Chilli & Cheese festival in Swindon and in Winchester.

Do you need more convincing?

JJ said come down to our stall at Green Park Station every Saturday between 9am-1pm and you can try some free samples of sauces together with his sealed free nacho pots.

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