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Exotic Fruit

All of our sauces contain fresh, exotic fruit (and plenty of it). That is who we are.

Our exotic fruit is tailored to us, ordered the day before and picked up from Bristol Docks at 5am with the help of our dedicated main man Dan from Bath Fruiterers who is based in Kingsmead Square, Bath. Becky at The Exotic Fruit Co. based in Green Park Station, Bath is always there when we need her too!

We simply love exotic fruit and there is simply not enough in general – let alone hot sauce! In our current portfolio, we use: coconut, lime, mango, kiwi, passionfruit, strawberry, blackberry, guava, pineapple, orange and grapefruit!


All of our chillis are grown in Taunton, Somerset by a long time friend of JJ’s (our founder) – called Will. They are grown on a big scale under his company Country Boys Collective who sell a range of products including CBD, hemp and other natural products.

Just to be clear – there is no CBD in our products, that’s not our specialty.

We have the privilege of choosing what chillies are grown for us and we stray away from the typical chillies that you see in many hot sauces.

We go for the fat, juicy, colourful, crazy chilli varieties. They taste so much better!


All of our sauces are vegan and they always will be.

Animals are important to us, and we want everyone to be able try our sauces regardless of preference.


All of our sauces are allergen-free and they always will be.

We will say it again!

We want everyone to be able try our sauces regardless of preference. (Sorry mustard, soy and the rest).


Our company was born in Somerset and it is where we call home.

So we believe that we should source all of our ingredients from Somerset.

We have covered where we get our exotic fruit and chillies from. We source our vegetables from Ali G (Yes, that’s his name!) at Super Stokes in Bath, Somerset.


Upon your purchase, expect an email with an invoice. Your sauces will then be shipped the next working day or before.

Be sure to post your pics on our Instagram feed by clicking this link. and we would really appreciate a review on our Facebook review ‘hub’ by clicking this link.

We often get in touch for feedback on your sauces! This helps us be the best.

Good luck on your search for the flavours and heat that your heart desires.


“Wow – The Somerset Chilli Co. have entered the hot sauce game with some heat! The flavour’s are ridiculously tasty with fruity twists. Highly recommend!”

Michael Capsaicin-Rush Moore

“La Playa tastes insane! Top notch, will definitely be ordering more.”

Danny Gabrieledes

“I only need a dash of The Circus as its quite spicy for me (that’s exactly what I was hoping for).

You’ve got all the right flavours, smells and it tastes beautiful with lots of fruity undertones.

All fresh produce being sourced and used, big props JJ, you’ve truly made something magical here. Can’t wait to buy more.”

Luke Resoun

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